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Thursday, April 9, 2009

We spent the day outside. I worked on the waterfall by Building 1. Here are pictures from last year. The area where we were working was full sun, but full sun when it is 62 degrees outside is fabulous!! I had one of the guys help me drain the waterfall and put in fresh water. The rest of the crew was working across the street in our "formal" garden area.

Since this is the first time all of the guys worked somewhere outside besides the greenhouse, we had one of my famous sessions. One of issues with the guys that work in Horticulture Therapy is safety. There is such a great potential for danger when you are working with shovels, pruners, and other garden tools. I review with the patients a gazillion times a summer how to leave tools so that a stranger doesn't accidentally walk on it and hurt themselves and certainly no one else gets hurt either. We review that gloves are to be used and SAFETY equipment each time!! I can hear myself sounding like a nag or a harping fly, but one little slip, and so much can change so quickly. I tell the patients about a mishap that happened really quickly last year. One of my guys did not ascertain that his footing was secure before he grabbed the hedge trimmer. Additionally, he was NOT wearing his gloves. So, he lost his footing and the hedge trimmer almost sliced his finger off as the blade came down.

Today was good. Didn't have sciatica. Waterfall is running. Vets made the front look presentable again. I am off tomorrow. Good week.

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  1. Isn't it interesting how long it takes us to learn certain things? Didn't we all cover those rules in 7th grade shop class? We ask. Yes, yet here we are again, cutting our selves to pieces learning it again...smiles. Thanks for the Amarylis info!