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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Eats

On Friday, the Grounds Maintenance Foreman stopped by the Flower Shoppe and let me know that a local veteran was making a large donation of plants to the hospital. I was more than curious.

Turns out, that this guy had the fixings for a small nursery on his property behind his house. The property was easily an acre or so... longer than it was wide. The reason why he was donating the plants was that over 50% of them had died after he was in a car accident and could no longer take care of the plants.

It was amazing... perennials, perennials, perennials! The Grounds Maintenance Foreman was taking the small trees and large shrubbery... I went for smaller potted items like Montauk Daisy, Coneflowers, creeping charlie, day lilies, a couple of ground covers and others. It ended up being 3 pickup truck loads.

Meanwhile, I picked some of the asparagus that just started to go to seed and a few stalks that were missed. Also found an onion that had been trampled, but still good. The Pièce de résistance was the strawberry garden... we liberated a dozen or so. The guys definitely enjoyed the strawberries which were very ripe since no one was picking them. I brought the asparagus and onions back the greenhouse where I sauteed them in butter in the kitchen. YUM.

A good meal from the land. I told the guys that this is a good hobby... growing fruits and vegetables... and it helps the wallet too.



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