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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deep Thinking while Watering

For the last few months (at least since February), I have been going to work on Sundays to water the plants. I wish I could get someone to share this weekend task. I even thought about getting one of the patients to do this task for me but it would require getting the police to unlock the greenhouse and wait until the patient is finished watering the greenhouse. Since that is very unlikely, I just do it myself.

I was still processing what the Army Chaplain (one of our missionaries) at church had mentioned in his message this morning. Occassionally, the missionaries visit the church and tell us what they have been doing to spread the Good Word. Anyways, the Chaplain said that the amount of suicides in the active duty personnel is staggering. The men and women of the military are finding that life is not worth living. He said that the average person has been activated into a war zone at least twice, some 3 or 4 times!! Chaplain said that people can adopt a batallion to pray for them, to write to them, and sponsor them.

We see the veterans returning with severe depression... it is mind numbing. Young folks.

Pray for our men and women. Pray hard.

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