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Monday, June 1, 2009

Somedays... its the best...

its' the best gig around when days are like today. There was a light breeze. The airplanes in the blue sky were "drawing" lines everywhere. Bright sunshine.


As for Horticulture Therapy, one of my guys got the news that his SC pension was approved. For those how might not be familiar with VA stuff, that means that the VA has approved his request for compensation for sustaining an injury while he was in the service. A veteran has to submit mounds of paperwork. The new guys, OEF(Operation Enduring Freedom/ OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom)/ or GWOT (Global War on Terror), have special social workers to help them submit their claims. Now this vet will get funding to go to school because he is rated at more than 30% service connected. And, since he has been turned down for employment by potential employers due to his mental health status, he can survive with minimal employment in addition to his pension.

We have been planting many annuals in the flower beds that we can water weekly. Not everywhere that we want to plant flowers is accessible for watering. The veterans and staff have been gracious with their compliments.

The only bad thing is that I locked myself out this evening and had to borrow a neighbor's ladder to cut open a screen on the second floor.

But overall, today was GGGGRRREEAT!

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