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Saturday, May 23, 2009

weeds vs wildflowers

the guys in HT ask me ... is this a weed or is this a flower? i think this plant is referred to a weed because i didn't want and i didn't plant it...so it got weeded out of the flower bed.

But back to the general question at hand. I do believe that the answer depends on location, perception, and concentration. Kind of like people I imagine...

Yup, i think dandelions are pretty in the spring before they go to seed ... when they are located in a field away from my yard. The general perception of a dandelion will never be much more than they are weeds, but there are uses for dandelions. the amount of angst that a dandelion causes is in direct proportion to the concentration of dandelions around. One dandelion in the flower bed is not cause for consternation. Many dandelions...

they are obnoxious weeds not beautiful yellow wildflowers.

in the flower beds, i have had to pull out over exuberant coreopsis... it becomes like a weed and grows everywhere!
People can be like wildflowers and weeds. I think every weed just needs to find the right garden where it will be appreciated.


  1. Hi, I just had to comment on your 'weed' as it is one that I had to fight in my garden for a couple of years after moving here. I realize you were not asking for an ID, but thought I'd volunteer it! :) It is called Venice Mallow and a common name is 'Flower of an Hour'.
    http://weedid.aces.uiuc.edu/weed.cfm?whichcol=commonname&ID=13 I actually think the flower itself is quite pretty...too bad she is soooo obnoxious if allowed to go to seed. To grow okra, not only for the edible seed pods, but also for ornamental reasons, is a much more appreciated option than it's relative Venice Mallow, in my book...but perhaps it will find some appreciation in someone else's garden. Thanks for the uplifting metaphor, BTW.

  2. Venice Mallow... it has such an exotic name!!