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Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting caught up

The hurried up I go, the behinder I get. I think my grandmother used to say something like that and it has been so true for me and my patients this week. The rain is wonderful, everything looks so lush and green. But the weeds, omg, they are thigh high in some places.

So, I got the raingear out... and we worked outside in the morning. I figure, there was not thunder and the temps were in the 60's. Weeding was very satisfying. The patients were able to get the weeds out from around the bushes completely and with a little tug the root system also came out. We even weeded out the rock garden around one of the gazebo's... it looks really nice. I decided not to do any planting because as soon as you step on the ground there is an imprint. Knowing this crew, when I ask them to push the dirt around the new plant... they would leave a crater.

This afternoon, I needed to dry out, so we worked inside. I had one crew of 2 working in the greenhouse making planters in plastic urns. 3 Geraniums, 3 purple secretecea and one dracena spike or repotting topiaries with shade plants. Another one of my guys was assigned to just repotting coleus... I had saved a crop from extinction when they almost didn't weather out an unheated greenhouse.

At the flowershop, newly purchased tropicals were repotted into 10 inch decorative pots for sale. I started to get out our little 2 and 3 dollar plants and display them so that customers could see them instead of hiding them in the back. I started getting the repotting done and throwing away cuttings that were dead and moldy.

In general, it was rainy day catch up.

Discussions varied: Developing a budget with the amount of money that is presently earned, why the work assignments are 4 months and not indefinite, why it is important to put in applications for employment with more than one employer....

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