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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My last Sunday ...

Just because I find myself working too much, I have decided that this is my last Sunday to go into work. I can't take the time off that I am earning because I get further behind which makes me resentful which carries over to everyone else at work. This summer, I have 3 areas of concern that make my workload pretty heavy at times.

First, there is the greenhouse work. We grew an inordinate amount of seedlings this year. Probably too many, but I just wanted to try them. Now, that we have so many left, they are languishing in their market packets. Unfortunately, many of the seedlings did not sell in the Flowershop because of two reasons: not enough natural light and the patients there have over watered them and they languished and died. I started in February coming in on Sundays to water, fertilize or spray but now I am tired. To help this transition to no-more-Sundays, I have had the crew repot most of the annuals and perennials into larger pots. Of course, there are still going to be a few tragedies because something won't make it through the weekend.

The second are of concern, is the flowershop. The flowershop is now only open 2 days a week... we will see how that goes through the summer. So far, it has been challenging to the person running it because that person has to make decisions and appropriate discipline regarding how to keep the veterans busy and focused during the day instead of me. I think that they are more than competent to do so. I still oversee the entire operation, order supplies, and come through and get things back on track... but so far that has been just once in awhile instead of everyday. Everyday I am outside or in the greenhouse working on those issues...

Finally, my 3rd challenge is providing support to my boss who is new to the system. We are starting to prepare for our 4Th accreditation by CARF to happen October 2010. It is a process that is important as that it keeps our program current, vital, and justifiable to the VA system at large. However, if you have no one to mentor you in the process, then it is overwhelming.

So, the first steps have been taken. Now, to implement the plan. Wish me luck!


  1. I feel tired just reading all of it. Everyone needs a break. Good for you for taking it.

  2. So far, I am doing okay...but its only Monday.



  3. Take those Sundays off! You need it! Don't back down. I am a firm believer in "untouchable" time that you don't even let yourself rearrange (which is a great temptation for someone who likes to make sure things are done right). It is what it is, and that's that. Sorry, not an option. Ha ha. Really. Good luck with that.

  4. Red Clover... you read in between the lines... yes, i am one of those people who likes things down right. I didn't think I was because it is only in one area of my life, the horticulture program and most specifically, the greenhouse. But, since I have put it in writing, I will have to be more organized with my time at work. For instance, I will have to spend more time doing administrative stuff and have my co-worker cover for me. Blech. It will work out in the end. Thanks!