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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ageratum (blue mink)

I don't know why this plant is scoffed. Perhaps, because it self seeds? Perhaps because it is hardy? It works well for us in horticulture therapy.

1. Seeds are cheap.

2. It requires concentration to count out 5 seeds to put in a progation cell because it is a tiny as a poppy seed.

3. Intense concentration slows down the maniacle pace of some of my veterans.

4. Ageratum germinates quickly. Fruit of one's labor provides almost instant gratification.

5. Can withstand wide extremes of watering... will allow itself to be watering directly and be water logged. Ageratum will come back to life after drought conditions in the greenhouse.

6. After 1,000's of plants have germinated, and matured, they need to be planted. With 150 acres of property, there is always places to plant ageratum which gives us lots of work to do!

yup, I think ageratum is great! This picture is from last summer, and we are planting it again this year.


  1. Sounds great, we usually don't get enough sun for those little beauties to flourish but not this year. Lots of sun, LOTS of sun.

    They are very lovely.


  2. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Oh, I've never seen that plant before. I have been looking for something to line my walkway and you may have just given me the answer!