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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiger Lilies

I love tiger lilies also known as ditch lilies ... of course, I also love wildflowers. They are just so cheery ... coming up every year when it is finally starting to get hot. Tiger lilies are pretty hardy, mostly insect resistant, and the only requirement is an occasional splitting. It has been the bright spot lately amongst all the weeds. I been remiss in the picture department because I have once again been consumed by the need to conquer the gardening of 30+ gardens.

We started that new bed in front of Building 2 but ran into a major snafu with amending the soil with compost. The walls of the ramp are so high that lifting compost into the beds is a foreboding task. So, we are going to wait until the building has been released so that we can bring a backhoe in to the area and drop lots and lots of compost (which will tear up the grass, but that can be fixed with grass seed).

In the meantime, we continue with weeding, trimming, mulching and planting around various buildings and in various places. We are over half way through the first cycle of go-arounds. It is slower this year because we have been keeping the Flower Shoppe open to provide another rehabilitation space. As soon as finish the first go around, it will be time to go around again.

The veterans this year need more supervision as there is less stability in the applicant pool. Because guys want to start working so badly, often there is a great deal of minimization of the medical problems. Had a guy start last week (4 day week) and he came back on this Monday and just said that his arthritis couldn't handle the work. Another veteran came to work on Monday on an antibiotic which made him photosensitive... oh boy, that would have been a real problem.

Tomorrow, my coworker will bring out the Water Dog out to water and fertilize plant barrels and flowerbeds. I will continue with the outside crew in our efforts at beautification. So, these pictures are not originals but the ones on the grounds are just like them. I appropriated them from: http://www.pbase.com/psteeper/image/83051852

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  1. I really enjoy Tiger Lilies too. There is something about their color that makes them so appealing, something that can't be duplicated in any way.