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Monday, January 25, 2010

A new path towards recovery

The veteran who is working on the mosaic wall made artistic changes to the tree. So, here is the finished tree. Artistic burnout he said....
I took off the black grease pencil markings for the tree. With the tree finished, we still have a large panel that needs something in it...

So I sketched a artistic rendition of the Medical Center. I am not an artist, but someone has to keep this mosaic going!! The saga continues.


  1. You are more of an artist than I am and I look forward to following the continuation of the mosaic.


  2. Does the spreading out at the end of the branches sybolize growth as the veterans grow with the trunk they live with?

  3. Thank you all for your comments.

    Marie... we have had discussions regarding the tree. The spreading of the tree is growth. It is not linear. It is not always pretty (hence the roughness). And casually, the veteran who put the tree on the wall said of one branch that was curling downward... he said, well I was thinking of my wife (I guess... negatively???) I am not sure if it is evident but the ceramics in the tree are multi-textured and multi colored and in the afternoon sun... it is shining. Thanks!!