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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easy Table Arrangements...

Here is an easy table arrangement, gift basket, or pickme up to make.  We are having the veterans make these arrangements for customers to purchase.


One 7 in basket
1 pre-made liner or foil/cello liner
2 tete daffodils, potted, 4 inch pots
1 Hyacinth, potted, 4 inch pot
1 variegated ivy, 4 inch pot

potting soil
spanish moss
decorative picks

I made my own liner out of decorative foil and put a complimentary color of cello over the foil.  All plants I removed from their pots.  Then I placed the daffodils in on opposing sides of the handle.  Place a hyacinth in front of the daffodils but on one side with the ivy being on the other side.  This should fill the basket.  Back fill the dirt around the bulbs and plants.  Put spanish moss on the top of the potting soils.  Make a large ribbon and place in the front to one side with a decorative pick on the other side of the arrangement. 

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  1. You make it sound so easy and they sure are lovely.