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Friday, March 26, 2010

Men like Gardenias

Different plants attract different people.  I am pleasantly surprised how many men love the smell of blooming gardenias.

I bought some last week from our wholesale vendor... and they have been bursting forth with their intoxicating smell.

On the Horticulture Therapy forefront, we had a couple of "sessions" while raking and cleaning out the flower beds.  The most intriguing session had to do with dealing with a family of muli ethnic backgrounds.  And how this multi ethnic background is reflected in one's attempt to get clean and sober.  Sobriety is defined very differently in different cultures.


Not my own photo but from Google... not used for financial gain...
Happy Spring!


  1. I love gardenias too. I had a large one that my grandmother started from a cutting. I haven't had any success trying to grow one since. They all get buggy and die. Any advice?

    Different cultural interpretations of sobriety - an interesting consideration.

  2. Marie... I love gardenias also. But to see the big guys swooning over the gardenias, well, it makes me smile.

    Yes, Gardenias are prone to spider mite and aphids. I find that a simple houseplant spray does wonders. Plus, they need good sun, and like to stay moist and need a bit of fertilizer.

    All this for that scent!

  3. I absolutely luv it when you share tidbits of your "sessions"...very interesting and informative. Even though I don't "really" know you, I admire your work with the Veterans.