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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seeding Marigolds and Zinnias....already.

After rumbling through the aisles of my local Lowe's, I realized that people are going to want to start planting their annuals within 5 weeks.  It may not be the right time weatherwise, but folks like to do what they like to do when they want to do it!

So, today I had the vets start marigold seeds.  Two different varieties... Crackerjack and French Mix.  Last year we put the CrackerJack Marigolds along with Cut and Come Again Zinnias in the half whisky barrels around the facility.  Was a big hit.  The zinnias really took off... but the yellow flowers in this picture are the Marigolds.  This is the picture from last year.

This year, I have had a success with Dusty Miller... it is taking over the greenhouse... hmm... maybe the ageratum by the flagpole will be mixed with dusty miller.  And the gazillions of French Mix marigolds will go in the barrels.

Stay tuned.

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  1. This year I'm starting a few things from seed including zinnias. I've no experience with seeds, so we shall see what happens.