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Sunday, March 21, 2010

snowdrops and crocus

On Wednesday of last week in the midst of a wonderful flukish burst of Spring, I took pictures of the snowdrops blooming against the retaining wall of the garden around the flagpole. As usual, I took vets with me to observe the awakening of the bulbs that have been planted by previous HT patients. This past fall when over a 1000 of these bulbs were planted, I was on my way to recovery from a Hysterectomy. I also took a picture of the crocus blooming under the crab apple trees by the road. So, One of the vets was definitely a man of Philadelphia (born and raised) and had never "seen" these flowers. Well, he said "I never noticed them." Yes, isn't that the way with many things...

It is one of my favorite things to release via the Horticulture program ... the joy of the Earth - the trees, the flowers, the animals.

I found this wonderful poem that I feel explains my feelings about the coming of Spring this year.

Sweet Spring

When the gloomy gray sky turns to clear azure blue,
And the snow disappears from the ground,
When the birds start to sing, and our moods start to lift,
Then we know Spring is coming around.

When the first flower bulbs poke their heads toward the sun,
Golden daffodils, hyacinths, too;
When the brown grass turns green, and the wildflowers bloom,
Then sweet Spring makes its showy debut.

Once again we awake from cold winter's pale dream,
As our minds and our bodies revive;
We rejoice and delight in spring’s colorful sight;
Each new spring makes us glad we’re alive!

By Joanna Fuchs

Enjoy that the Earth is awakening on the East Coast from a horrible February.

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  1. Indeed, spring has sprung ... let's rejoice and be happy!