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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shutter Island

Saw the movie... has obvious references to Horticulture Therapy around the grounds of the State Mental Institution.

Intense Movie.

Disturbing references to the practise of lobotomizing mentally ill patients.

DiCaprio has really grown up as an actor.


  1. I have the book and I'm a little nervous to read it. Dennis Lehane writes some pretty disturbing stuff!

  2. I think that movie would give me nightmares!

  3. I saw your profile on Guanaco's blog, and thought I'd drop in to support a budding cellist! His writing (if you go back and read from the beginning, especially) is wonderful, and charts his progress over the years.

    As for DiCaprio, he may have grown up, but he still looks like a kid to me! :)


  4. I saw the movie trailer a couple of times and that was enough for me. I'm too old for intense movies. But I'm not too old for Mr. DiCaprio:)


  5. Sweetflutterbys: I wonder how much different the book is from the movie. I thought I read someone's commentary that is was quite close.

    Marie... yes, the movie awakened some thoughts about lobotomies in my nightmares. Unfortunately, I was looking into the iternet when I came home, and some of those images were the things that really haunted me.

    Emily...thank you for dropping by. My cello and I are just new acquaintances compared to some of the bloggers here. However, even at 46 years of age, one can hopefully enjoy some musical fruit. I am better today than I was 9 months ago for sure!

    Yes, Dicaprio is still a kid to me.