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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The wall mosaic entitled Recovery Tree is filling in slowly. It is a project that is time consuming but is something that everyone can take a part of in the Horticulture Program.

A couple of the veterans have been dealing with some of the "gnarled branches" of recovery... dealing with illness (both mental and physical), dealing with families that are not in recovery, dealing with baggage of the past in the forms of fines, back obligations, and loss of material items.

But we are still here...


  1. Makes me so sad for people who are dealing with the "gnarled branches" of recovery. Working on the wall mosaic might be the only peace of mind some of these veterans experience. I'm so glad that you are there to help them with the journey. God bless you.


  2. The Recovery Tree is beautiful!

    I thought of you when I stopped at the "Horticulture Therapy Around the World" display at the Philadelphia International Flower Show last weekend. Horticulture Therapy is a endeavor valuable beyond the sum of its parts. Congratulations and thank you.

  3. Thank you Donna and Marie... dealing with the branches of recovery is the stuff that often keeps people out in the world. It is so hard to stay clean and sober when you don't have much of a support system. Although many veterans only complete a piece of the wall, most of them come back some time or other and comment to their friends about their work! Yes, they like the designs! So glad you enjoyed the Philadelphia Flower Show. One of these days, I will go... I keep missing it every year!


  4. The tree looks beautiful!

    I am working on a paper, and a presentation, regarding gardening and grief. I figured that you might have some thoughts, and/or resources about the topic?

    Is there anything you have made note of yourself during the many horticultural therapy experiences you've had?


    -Red Clover

  5. Red Clover... I am a self trained Horticulture Therapist. But personally, I have found gardening to be very therapeutic in grief and anger management. I am constantly telling people that gardening is the only place that I know where it is still socially appropriate to hit the dirt with all your might. They call it tilling but I call it getting your anger out. Plus, it is also a place to let your tears water the plants. Now, as for references... I would check with the more formally trained here is a good blog to check out...


    I am constantly amazed how different people (especially men) use horticulture. Some use it as a place to "work out" and sweat out their problems. Some people like to zone out and just do repetitive tasks that like seeding small basil seeds by the thousands. I have noticed that just like traditional therapies, not everything works for everyone. And some of the most macho... enjoy the smell of roses the most!!

  6. Thanks for you thoughts! I really appreciate the time. What a world we live in.