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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zygo cactus blooming? Spinach bolting? Wha??

The zygo cactus aka "Christmas Cactus" has decided to bloom now. Should ANYONE be suprised? I mean, things around here have their own cycle of life and that goes for the plants too!

Here is a conversation that I found humorous and yet profound:

Veteran: "Hey Kathy, I see that the spinach are doing better over here (smaller and cooler greenhouse). They are getting bigger and not putting out the seeds."

Me: "Yes, they like it over here better but I am pinching off the seeds of of the plant that's why you don't see the pods. You know, when a plant does this because of heat, it is referred to as 'bolting'

Veteran: "Oh. We refer to as maturing. You know, its like the veterans here at the VA... we are maturing. Some of us are going to seed too. Maybe, we just need more heat so that we will mature faster!"


Keep your spinach cool and Happy Gardening!

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