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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little bit new with the old

Besides the obvious that its a New Year, I decided to edit the old page with a blended title, and a new picture of lights in Longwood Gardens.  Here's the update:

Still have crazy back pains but have found relief with a great chiropractor and medication management for nueropathic pain/fibromyalgia.

Figured out to get rid of my plantar fasciatis by wearing DANSKO clogs.

Still work for the Department of Veteran Affairs but in the role of casemanager and intake person.  I sit most of the day but still am involved with helping veterans return back to the community.

Gardening is relegated to houseplants at my house.  I garden with my other half in York County PA and plan to relocate there when the teenager graduates in May of 2013.

Still play the cello.... have progressed to a point where I can play with other beginners and make music.

Have another hobby - making jewelry out of silver plated flatware.



  1. Tell me more about those clogs did they really work? I've had PF for over a year, it drives me.....

    And Sciatica forever.

    Hmmm if clogs work, I will try them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. The stapled version of the DANSKO clogs have a superior arch as part of the shoe and have cured my plantar fasciatis. My plantar fasciatis was result of having a high arch as a younger person ... and as I mature (ahem) the action of walking presses down on the fascia. The fascia would rip/tear just a bit every time I would put my foot down, causing pain that felt like stepping on rocks with the heel of your bare foot. Curious enough, some people find relief wearing high heels ... but that aggravated my back so that didn't work. DANSKO has many types of shoes (in some of their more modern styled shoes) with an arch support but I find the stapled clogs to have the best arch support. They have an outlet and you can some stuff on Ebay. Hope this helps!!

    As for the sciatica... that is helped by chiropractor. My doc has this thing that feels like a the ball of a sonagram. It sends out a slight electrical charge. Don't know if you ever have had a TENS (sp) unit for muscle/bone pain. It is kind of the same thing but they can move this equipment around hovering over the sciatic exit point down ones legs. The electric pulses stimulate the nerve working out some of the pain.

    Hope that is helpful to you and others. I look down at my feet and sigh, because my feet look predictable. But, they don't hurt!