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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thinking of developing a store in Etsy.com.  Has anyone have stories to share?  Yes, no??

I think some folks are very entreprenuerial... and very creative.  Here are a few that I have come across:

For all of you with dogs with cropped tails, here is a place that sells little covers so there is no more "mr. brown eye." AWWW!


This must be for the person who has EVERYTHING... Monograms for toilet seats!!


But seriously, I wanted to combine my metalworking of silverware into jewelry.  Maybe put a nature slash gardening theme to it or at least on the page.   I like the message of these signs... its kind of why I went into horticulture therapy so I wanted to include it here also:

It seems rather challenging to keep up a clientele, how not to get ripped off? So many questions, please let me know what your experiences have been!


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