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Monday, March 26, 2012

Garden "Art"

I am fascinated with re-purposed items that people insert whimsically into their garden.

Thus inspired, I have decorated my first bowling ball... glittery, kitchy, and definitely different!


One tube Liquid Nails
3 bags mirrored squares
1 extra large bag of glass stones

I used a metal drip pan from the stove and inverted to become the stand for my bowling ball.  I moved the entire ball around on it.  I found that a decent pea sized blob of Liquid Nails was necessary to fasten the decorative stones and mirrors to the ball.  In 24 hours, the Liquid Nails will be cured.  And the ball will grace the edge of the flower bed.   For now it looks like:

I have opened the door to making more garden art to go amongst the other unfinished crafts...

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