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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A very cold spring day at Longwood, Part I

Last week, our area was blissfully and eagerly enticed into forgetting that spring means cool weather.  However, this past Saturday was a cold, wet, and dreary day...no warm sun.  The rain was appreciated.  Then on Sunday, BF and I met his sister and her husband for a great time at Longwood Gardens.

I have learned that it is best to visit the Conservatory earliest in the morning or otherwise the crowds make viewing the place simply hopeless.  We began our tour at 10 am and it was chilly.  

The reward for entering the Conservatory on a cold day is the immediate rush of warmth and fragrant air.  The asiatic lilies were in bloom sending wafts of scent throughout the building.  Orchids were everywhere since a competition had occurred.  Just a few as there were so many flowers and professional photographers.

I will post more pictures soon.  There was so much in bloom it would overload this post!  Enjoy.

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